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A short break at Glenthorne

By Negin Veisipoor, a member of Doncaster Conversation Club

Well, I’m Negin I’m 19 and I’m an asylum seeker living in the UK with my family for about 2 years. I haven’t gone on any holiday here till  last week. My family and I used to go on holiday too many times in our country but it was a long time ago. I’m writing this text just  because I thought couldn’t stay quiet without saying anything.

I need to say that how grateful and thankful I am. After a long time, I went on a short holiday with my beloved family.

We needed this…  Before I got there, I could not even imagine what a fantastic place I’m going to. Honestly although I did not spend a long time there but we really enjoyed it and everything was perfect. We went to Windemere Glenthorne’s guest house.

Oh, God!
What a lovely place!
If you want me to express the place with just three words, I would say Calm, ethereal and verdant.

There was a perfect meal too.  Breakfast and dinner which was really healthy and delicious and also they gave us some bags that contained food as a snack for the rest of the day. I don’t even know who actually did all those things to us which was so worthy and lovely for us.

All I can say is a big thank you in this text on behalf of my family. I think the best way to repay you is that I do the same thing as you did to us to someone else on day to spread the love which is the main thing.

A big thank you to the Glenthorne community from all of Doncaster Conversation Club for making all the arrangements and for being so flexible.

Glenthorne is a long established guest house and meeting place in Grasmere,  which aims to meet the differing needs of all guests in a peaceful atmosphere with Quaker values and ethos.  The Welcome Project provides respite holidays for asylum seekers, refugees and their families, arranged in cooperation with asylum seeker support groups in the north of England.