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Canoeing at Barnby Dun

For the third year running, we enjoyed the hospitality of Kevin and Sharman Jones and of the Kool Kayakers Canoeing Club, at Barnby Dun.  A total of 87 people enjoyed a BBQ in their garden, including 53 asylum seekers and refugees, 10 paddlers from KKCC, 10 volunteers from DCC, and 10 of the Syrian team who managed the BBQ.  It was truly a team effort.

 By Mohammad Ziad

I just heard from people about it but I never ever did it before, so when we arrived there and people started to enter the boat, I just had this feeling that maybe I would turn the boat over, but I was just still watching people.  Then I heard a voice saying to me to ‘go up here please’.  And I just hoped that it wasn’t speaking to me but it was!

I went up the boat carefully and I made it.  I started to row.  I just was so happy – it was the first time for me.  The sun was warm.  When it became to water and you were in the boat, you will see an amazing view of how the sun was reflected on the water.  And when the big boat came passed, you have to be in the safety of the canal.  I didn’t want this moment to finish.  Also you could see how people were so happy with a big smile.

When we arrived at the point where the canal met the river Don and there is water on another side higher up, it was so nice.  We took an amazing photo in these amazing moments.

Then it’s done.  We get out and move the boat to the house, and we are surprised with a lot of barbeque and food.  The house belonged to the best couple – they are so kind and so nice.  I just was waiting to hear the voice say the food is ready, then here we are, the voice is shouting but with the children first!  We have to wait!  Then our time comes and we start to eat.  Then we drank an amazing cup of tea, and then we had to go.  Really it was a very nice day in my life, so thank you to everyone who did that – the team of rowing, and the family of the house and all the volunteers from the Meeting House.

Some further comments

Different – happy, joking, relaxed day. The food was good. First time for me in canoe – was good. Enjoyed being with people speaking many different languages.

I am today very happy with the canoeing. Nice sunshine and food is nice. We meet friends. We have good time and enjoyed the outing. Thanks very much to all friends who arrange it.

I like so much this special day. I enjoyed so much the canoeing and to see these people who were with big smile all the time.

Weather was good and we enjoyed the canoeing and the food was great. We enjoyed of the whole day. It is very nice outing.

It was a very special day. We enjoyed with all people and thanks for all the staff for everything. Everything is better.

Today is fantastic day because I enjoy very well. I do boating. My dad is well is paddling and I all enjoy very well. I enjoy boating is too good. And after boating I come one house. She is so good. I do barbeque. Is well is good food. The food are also so taste. Today is so good day. I always remember this day.

Today I’m delighted for enjoyable because everyone enjoyed themselves. I’m so really, really happy. Than I would like to go everywhere on the future. Finally thanks so much give this opportunity. I saw a big bridge, small boat, big boat and then honest people.

Today the sun was shining. My family enjoyed going on the canal on a canoe. Very nice day and good food. Very good people and good in the boat. I hope to see trip again.

It was a very nice day. It was the first time of canoeing. I enjoyed. All the people were friendly especially the Conversation Club. I hope to visit more places, more journeys. A special thanks to the house and hospitality and all the guys making food.