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A visit to Hathersage – feedback from those who had a great time

A visit to Hathersage

St Michael’s church hosted more than 40 of us.  Thank you to them!

By Ghassan Ghaben

Going to the Peak District National Park gave me the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  While having that view, the time of stressful thoughts went away.  I wanted to stay there.  It was impossible to see anyone without smiling.

On our walk we saw a large old house (North Lees Hall) which is thought to be the inspiration for the home of Edward Rochester in Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre.

The location of the church is very pleasant and the beautiful situation seemed to make the people friendly and calm.

The weather was showery.  We give two pieces of advice: keep your umbrella in your pocket, and be careful where you put your feet.

I’m grateful to those who made this day possible.

Some further comments

I enjoyed the journey, the warm welcome and the food and drink. I also enjoyed the beautiful countryside, the hills, the animals and the wonderful colours of the fields and the flowers. The walk was very nice. The church, the buildings, the village and the farm all most interesting. I was sad because some people were unable to complete the walk (because of being in a wheelchair) and could not finish it with us.

It was exciting to see the countryside with all the sheep and animals walking around. The food was delicious and the people were so lovely. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

I would like to say thank you for give me this chance, I really happy today. When I was walk I see cows in the green garden and I see farmer of chickens, very beautiful animals and flowers and green trees. I am enjoy today. So thank you for anything. Thank very much.

I enjoy today when I walk to the mountain and I see the farming cattle as well as the sheep and I wonder about the water which pass through the mountain. So I am happy today.

I have a very nice day today. I enjoy with the countryside. I like sheep and trees and farm and speak with farm about chickens, his job and weather.

I liked everything and very good soup and I like this village. It is so beautiful. Old houses. The hills are like Sudan. I like to see the sheep. I like the sheep hair.

It was nice and lovely walking today and I’ve enjoyed fresh air and very nice pictures of nature around the area. Sort of these activities are always interesting for me.

I love train journeys and particularly into countryside. Lovely hills and walking. I think we were lucky with the weather than the forecast.

I enjoyed beautiful view and walked at Peak District with nice people.  It was very nice day and I hope to come back again.

Today I am very enjoy walk with groups and was very nice trip and I am very happy. Met kind people in church. They were very nice people and friendly. Thank you very much about all things you take us.

The trip today has been very good. I’m enjoying with everyone. I hope so to come again in another place. I like it the change and the people who help and thank you.

I am very happy today. I like the place and the people were very kind, friendly and helpful.

Yes, I enjoyed my visit. I liked it very much looking at the countryside – the sheep on the hills. I am disabled so some of the terrain was not good for me. (And he made it all the way in spite of the crutches!)

 I’m happy today because good time and nice today. I taste delicious foods. Good people here. Thank you so much.

Today is very well day but I enjoy with brother and sister from different country is coming. I am interested today but I see many things – sheep, mountains, forest and garden. I am satisfied today. I hope I will come second time. Thanks everybody that gives chances for us!!